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Rose is not just for Summer Drinking
I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers which focused on Rose wine, the author of the piece suggested that Rose has become mainstream in the drinking habits of wine lovers. Some interesting points were made which I wholeheartily agreed.
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Wines to extend your summer
A look at what we will be drinking through the end of summer and into the autumn
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Here's to 2017 and all the bottles we can enjoy together ...
We are halfway through January and as I write, it is according to the papers "Blue Monday".  As far as I can see from what the papers are writing most days are "Blue" what with the likes of Trump, Putin, Brexit, rail strikes, weather, Dry January - need I go on?
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Michael Jobling Wines Blog Archive 2010

Friday 3th December 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

What I will be drinking for Christmas

What I will be drinking for Christmas is a bit of a difficult question this year, as I will be celebrating with my sister in the Lake District. I love her dearly and she is a very good cook. However she does have a tendancy to go off on tangents
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Wednesday 10th November 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Tastings

Mas de Daumas Gassac

Wow what a busy time we have been having - it is great. Last weekend Samuel Guilbert from Mas de Daumas Gassac called in to see us. We were delighted to see him and hear his latest news from the vineyard and from the family.
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Friday 8th October 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Food and Wine Matching

Pear Tarte Tatin

What a fantastic night we had on Monday with Jane Hunter. The food, wine and company were all fantastic. For dessert the pastry chef Claire russled up a Pear Tarte Tatin for us all and I have insisted she give us the recipe.
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Thursday 16th September 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

National Grenache Day

24 September 2010 has been declared National Grenache Week! I do not need any encouragement to drink wines made from the Grenache grape - I love it!
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Wednesday 14th July 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

The Correct Temperature

A glass or two of wine is an ideal partner while enjoying alfresco dining in your garden or on your patio. However I would like to question how much thought is given to serving the wine at the correct temperature. People tend to overchill whites and over heat reds!
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Monday 19th April 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Food and Wine Matching

Wine and Cheese Matching

I recently did a tutored tasting and talk at the Living North Fair at Gosforth Park Racecourse in Newcastle.
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Friday 22th January 2010 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

Port is not just for Christmas

Port is traditionally drunk during the winter months, which I personally think is sad. There are numerous styles which can easily be drunk all year round, so much so, I am thinking of starting a crusade with the mantra “Port is not just for Christmas”.
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