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Rose is not just for Summer Drinking
I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers which focused on Rose wine, the author of the piece suggested that Rose has become mainstream in the drinking habits of wine lovers. Some interesting points were made which I wholeheartily agreed.
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Wines to extend your summer
A look at what we will be drinking through the end of summer and into the autumn
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Here's to 2017 and all the bottles we can enjoy together ...
We are halfway through January and as I write, it is according to the papers "Blue Monday".  As far as I can see from what the papers are writing most days are "Blue" what with the likes of Trump, Putin, Brexit, rail strikes, weather, Dry January - need I go on?
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Michael Jobling Wines Blog Archive 2011

Thursday 1th December 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

Wine as an Investment

I think once wine becomes an investment it loses its soul. With the financial markets being in constant turmoil people are looking for alternatives to put their savings. Inevitably wine will pop up as a good way to get a good return on your cash.
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Friday 9th September 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

Macmillan - not coffee - Wine!!

All in the name of charity!!
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Friday 9th September 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

When did I start taking an interest in wine?

Recently I was doing some research for a talk I was giving on wine matching with food. Trawling through my collection of books I came across one I had not used for some time, “The Taste of Wine” by Pamela Vandyke Price.
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Monday 8th August 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

Two Glasses of Wine

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 glasses of wine...
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Tuesday 28th June 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

Absolute Corkers

If all be true that I do think, There are five reasons we should drink: Good wine, a friend, or being dry Or lest we should be by and by, Or any other reason why. - Henry Aldrich
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Thursday 12th May 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

An Alternative to Bordeaux

In Bordeaux they are claiming the 2010 vintage being another magical vintage to run alongside the fabulous 2009.
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Wednesday 13th April 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Food and Wine Matching

Wine fit for Royals

With the Royal Wedding looming up the royalists amongst us may well be thinking of organising a party to celebrate the event. For the republicans you may wish to use the extra bank holiday to have a party anyway!
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Thursday 3th March 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Producer Focus

Chateau Musar

Chateau Musar
Chateau Musar have just finished celebrating 80 years of producing wine in the Bekaa Valley.
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Thursday 10th February 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Offers

Valentines Offer

We have become a nation who now drink Rose Wines all year round. It used to be the case that Rose was only enjoyed when the sun came out!
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Thursday 13th January 2011 | by Michael Jobling |  Food and Wine Matching

Comfort Food and Comfort Wine

This cold snap of weather we have been having recently has got me thinking of comfort food and comfort wine - it's that time of year.
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