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Rose is not just for Summer Drinking
I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers which focused on Rose wine, the author of the piece suggested that Rose has become mainstream in the drinking habits of wine lovers. Some interesting points were made which I wholeheartily agreed.
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Wines to extend your summer
A look at what we will be drinking through the end of summer and into the autumn
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Here's to 2017 and all the bottles we can enjoy together ...
We are halfway through January and as I write, it is according to the papers "Blue Monday".  As far as I can see from what the papers are writing most days are "Blue" what with the likes of Trump, Putin, Brexit, rail strikes, weather, Dry January - need I go on?
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Michael Jobling Wines Blog Archive 2012

Wednesday 19th December 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

All I want for Christmas

You must think this is a bit of an odd list – you could well be right, however theren are reasons behind my selection.
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Friday 7th December 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

Wine Advent Calender

We have had really great fun creating our alternative wine Advent Calender.
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Monday 3th December 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

A Wine Merchant Abroad Part 2

The following day we were up early by our standards as we had two visits both in opposite directions to our apartment.
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Monday 26th November 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

A Wine Merchant Abroad

When wine merchants go to visit suppliers abroad it is generally at the invitation of the UK agents or the actual properties themselves. Either case they tend to be flying visits with as much time as possible tasting wines and viewing the cellars and vineyards - It is great fun and very informative but hardly relaxing!
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Thursday 22th November 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Christmas

Tasting Sheet & Christmas Gifts

Sorry you couldn't make our Christmas Wine Tasting.
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Thursday 8th November 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Tastings

Our Wine Tasting & Champagne Tutored Tasting with Martin Gamman MW

Just a gentle reminder the date has been set and its tomorrow!! We are delighted the Martin Gamman Master of Wine, is coming to visit us to guide us through Champagne styles.
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Wednesday 17th October 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Makers Dinners

Wine Makers Dinner hosted by Jame's MacDonald of Hunter's, New Zealand

We have a long association with Hunter's Wines in New Zealand and have been selling their wines for the past 22 years. We are delighted to be welcoming James on his first trip to the North East and to The Rat Inn.
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Tuesday 18th September 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Red Wines

My Favourite Grape Variety

I am often asked what is my favourite wine and I must confess I have great difficulty coming up with an answer. My reply depends on what my mood is at the time, however when it comes to grape varieties I find it much easier.
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Monday 9th July 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Tastings

Riesling Masterclass

Which Riesling is the one for you?
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Wednesday 27th June 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

All we need now is a spell of good weather

I am not thinking sun tan lotion here, but more red wines I can drink and enjoy chilled!!
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Wednesday 13th June 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Producer Focus

Champagne Joseph Perrier

Absolutely delighted with these great reviews from Wine Spectator
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Friday 8th June 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Producer Focus

Domaines Barons de Rothschild

This tasting we will be concentrating on their wines from Argentina and Chile with an old world comparison from Chateau d'Aussieres in Corbieres. Hosting this event and guiding us through the wines will be Andrew Napier a Director of DBR Wines.
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Tuesday 17th April 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Makers Dinners

Chilean Wine Dinner

Michael has carefully selected 5 wines to accompany a menu created by Ian Lowrey, of Cafe Lowry, Ponteland.
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Tuesday 10th April 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

It’s a Dirty Job…

It’s a Dirty Job… But someone has to do it!
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Thursday 22th March 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings

Wine Tastings are a great way of getting a group of people together to have a chat, socialise, network or just have a few giggles together.
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Tuesday 6th March 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  White Wines

A b c!!

Anything But Chardonnay!!
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Tuesday 10th January 2012 | by Michael Jobling |  Main Category

Lets look forward to Valentines Day

This time of the year need not be all doom and gloom. We can look forward to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. I think the world would be a better place if we can all be kinder and courteous to each other.
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