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Rose is not just for Summer Drinking
I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers which focused on Rose wine, the author of the piece suggested that Rose has become mainstream in the drinking habits of wine lovers. Some interesting points were made which I wholeheartily agreed.
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Wines to extend your summer
A look at what we will be drinking through the end of summer and into the autumn
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Here's to 2017 and all the bottles we can enjoy together ...
We are halfway through January and as I write, it is according to the papers "Blue Monday".  As far as I can see from what the papers are writing most days are "Blue" what with the likes of Trump, Putin, Brexit, rail strikes, weather, Dry January - need I go on?
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Michael Jobling Wines Blog articles by Simon Powys Maurice

Saturday 16th November 2013 | by Simon Powys Maurice | posted in Wine Tastings

Old Favouites - Hunters and some new ones to try.

Looking forward to you all getting the chance to try some old favourites along with the new wines Michael and Torie have selected for you to try on 19th November, see you soon.
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