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Wines to extend your summer
A look at what we will be drinking through the end of summer and into the autumn
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Here's to 2017 and all the bottles we can enjoy together ...
We are halfway through January and as I write, it is according to the papers "Blue Monday".  As far as I can see from what the papers are writing most days are "Blue" what with the likes of Trump, Putin, Brexit, rail strikes, weather, Dry January - need I go on?
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Christmas Orders
We just wanted to let you know our opening hours over the Festive period.
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White Wines

Tuesday 16th February 2016 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

White Wine Offers which will go well with Fish

It has made be think of wines which will accompany and compliment fish. Here are a few ideas and to encourage people like myself I am doing a special offer on these wines for a limited period
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Thursday 4th September 2014 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

Pinot Grigio - love it or hate it?

Pinot Grigio has a bit of an image problem.
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Friday 17th January 2014 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and alternatives

Here are some ideas to held bridge the gap between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, so you do not end up tiring of either of these grape varieties and your taste buds are not dulled by drinking the same stuff all the time.
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Thursday 10th October 2013 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

The Savoy and Sauvignon Blanc

I had a real treat recently, thanks to an old family friend who now lives in the United States.
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Wednesday 20th March 2013 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

Fridge Door Whites

It got me thinking, what selection I would have available to offer friends if they popped in and fancied a glass of something or I needed something to put in the cooking but could also enjoy a glass with the finished article.
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Tuesday 6th March 2012 | by Michael Jobling | posted in White Wines

A b c!!

Anything But Chardonnay!!
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