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Rose is not just for Summer Drinking

Wednesday 7th November 2018 | by Michael Jobling (Google+) | posted in Main Category

I recently read an article in one of the Sunday papers which focused on Rose wine, the author of the piece suggested that Rose has become mainstream in the drinking habits of wine lovers. Some interesting points were made which I wholeheartily agreed.

Firstly it has become a drink that is consumed all the year around - not just in the summer months. The other myth that was smashed was that only ladies drink rose, now apparently men are quaffing down the stuff. This has caused me to reflect on my drinking habits where Rose is concerned, I do enjoy a glass or two and I do drink it most of the year and I have wondered why this is?

Well things have changed over the years, when I started drinking all those years ago, the go to bottle would have been Mateus Rose from Portugal and then there was very little else. I know when I first started in the wine trade I think I sold two dozen bottles of rose in my first year of trading and that would be it - how things have changed. Wine makers are taking more seriously and the wine consuming public have become adventurous. Now there are a whole host of Roses across the spectrum from relatively sweet to bone dry with a whole lot inbetween.

I was in the company of Jane Hunter recently discussing her iconic New Zealand wines. She is noted for her well crafted Sauvignon Blancs, but what gives her a great deal of pleasure is her Miru Miru Sparkling Rose which is a relatively new addition to her portfolio. She did say that she can't understand why she had not made a wine like it years ago!

Rose is being produced the world over. On our list we have a cracking rose from Chile - Norte Chico Rose at £6.54, it is great value; hopping across the Andes we have the Los Haroldos Malbec Rose, a more serious wine altogether worth it at £9.24 which isnt going to break the bank. However my personal current favourite is our Provencal Rose from Chateau Montaud, pale in colour, nicely on the dry side with lots of flavour and at £10.74 over delivers on quality.

Whether you open a bottle of Rose for an aperitif or something to accompany a meal, think out of the box, Rose is not just for summer drinking.